Frequently Asked Questions

What is Top Trading Network?

Top Trading Network is an affiliate marketing agency for financial industry affiliates. By providing our affiliates with the best service, deals, and marketing tools we have grown to be a popular agency among the industries affiliates.

How does it Work?

Once you create your account you will have various deals and products to promote to your audience. No matter how you reach your audience (owning a website, buying traffic, etc) you will be able to choose the brands and deals that best suit your needs. Once you select what you would like to promote you can access all of the marketing material Top Trading Network has in place for you (banners, landing pages, etc). Begin to track your audiences statistics in your affiliate reports and start earning!

What can I promote?

Once you create your account you will have access to all the brokerages that Top Trading Network has partnered up with. Once you find the products you would like to promote you can pick out your commission plan.

What are CPA, CPL, Revenue Share, and Hybrid Deals?

At we have models for every affiliate. Whether you are just starting out in the affiliate industry or are a long time professional our CPA and Rev Share deals are some of the highest out there.

  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) will let you earn a large one time fee for each qualifying player you send through your tracking links.
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) will let you earn a smaller one time fee for leads generated for the brokerage.
  • A Revenue Share deal will pay you for the life of the investor on every single trade/transaction they make with the partnered broker.
  • Hybrid deals are a mix of both CPA or CPL with Revenue Share in which you earn a smaller CPA while still earning over the life of the player.

Is there a cost to being an affiliate or signing up?

No! Signing up and being an affiliate is 100% free. Once you sign up you will have access to the best deals in the financial markets.

How do I track my statistics?

We have developed some great marketing and tracking tools. Once logged in you can access all of your statistics in the Reporting section. If you have further questions be sure to contact support and they will gladly help you with the reporting tools.

How often am I paid as an affiliate?

Affiliate are paid out once per month on or before the 10th to the account they choose for affiliate payments.